IXL Holdings

IXL Holdings is a European company that fills a liquidity gap in the UK lending market through a unique cross border liquidity management solution. It facilitates financing for UK lenders struggling in an illiquid market from non-UK funders, including European deposit taking banks seeking to deploy funds in secure and high interest bearing assets.

We mitigate risk for funders by better selecting borrowers and utilising technology and provisions in statue to predict loan default before it occurs, making it safer to lend to UK SME and consumer borrowers.

Early detection mitigates lending risk and keeps loan defaults to one-third of industry norms. That has attracted financial institutions as investors and cash providers to IXL as they seek to build loan portfolios with healthy interest rates.

IXL Holdings taps into:

Interest Rate Arbitrage:
-Capitalizes on the difference in interest rates by arranging capital from
geographics which have low lending interest rates and lending it in the UK where lending rates are comparatively higher.

Regulatory Arbitrage:
-Takes advantage of the UK's more liberal lending norms compared with non-UK countries while also capitalising on the European Union's passporting of financial services whereby financial institutions are able to provide funding cross-border without need for new licenses

Cultural Arbitrage
-Taps into savings and debt adverse culture in non UK jurisdictions that contrasts UK's tendency for credit. In doing so, we help create a better Asset-Liability match for financial institutions.

In the UK alone, there is a £7 billion ($12 billion) shortfall in bank financing for short-term requirements. We believe there is a window of opportunity today for new lenders in the market to step into the gap left open by UK banks still struggling to rebuild their balance sheets and lending capacity.