Third-Party Lending

(IXL Bancorp facilitating funding for the lender)

Car Finance Company
It has facilitated more than £200 million in loans to UK SMEs and consumers since 2011. Defaults kept low by use of technology that immobilizes vehicles of loan defaulters.


Utilizes the guarantor lending model. Currently possesses £22 million loan book, with more than 5,000 loans written. 




Pegasus Motor Insurance specializes in insurance solutions for motor insurance. They work with some of the best-known insurance brands to provide comprehensive and competitive cover for their clients.


Proprietary Lending

(IXL Bancorp providing lending services)

Provides a new in-house premium finance facility that generates increased returns for insurance brokers and insurers. It provides the loan financing and web-based technology for brokers to offer and manage broker-branded insurance finance agreements.